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Color Steel Corner
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High quality zinc-plated color steel panel, combined with high quality saint-gobain gypsum board to mould together;
Zinc-plated 0.6mm steel panel, 12mm fireproof gypsum board;
Harden polypolyster finishing coating, offer a good anti-static effect;
Surface resistance rate: 105—8Ώ charge less under 1s;
Anti-static baking finish, smooth, delicate, dust-free, easy maintainence;
Elegant and safe, fireproof, moistureproof with shield effect;
Applied to control room, data center, high level clean room, hospital lab etc.

Streaming River Access Floor Group Co., Ltd.

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Tel: 027-87267008
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    *GB-1 fire protection standard, reach most requirements of the computer room construction;

    *Baking finish steel, moistureproof, anti-fungus, acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, 


    *Test standard according to CNS12514-5KG drop hammer impact, high impact resistance;

    *Short installation time, clean scene, cost-saving;

    *Convenient assemble and unassemble, friendly to cabling schedual and plumber;

    *Drilling-free panel, easily to install outlets, switches and sockets;

    *Soft color, easy match to ceiling and flooring, make the space orderliness and harmony;

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