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Woodcore Panel
Product Brand:StreamingRiver
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Keywords: anti-static floor, raised floor, raised floor, network floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-based floor, computer room engineering, data center engineering, dust-free workshop engineering, monitoring center engineering, office building floor engineering, small river rushing, smart floor, Ventilated floor, subway floor project
Choose high density and antiflaming chipboard as base material;
Adhesive anti-static and wearproof HPL, or conductive vinyl, or rubber, or vitrification covering on surface;
High quality zinc-plated or aluminum panel sealed bottom;
Conductive rubber edge surrounded;
Major specification: 600*600*30/40mm

Streaming River Access Floor Group Co., Ltd.

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Tel: 027-87267008
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    *Light and durable, comfortable on walk without noise;

    *Smooth surface, accuracy size cutting, free change for same sizes;

    *Good loading ability and impact resistance performance, extraordinary anti-static feature;

    *High sealability, exellent moistureproof;

    *Orderliness and artistic, precise to install and pavement joint, outstanding of decoration.

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