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Calcium Surphate Network
Product Brand:StreamingRiver
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Choose high quality and intensity calcium surphate panel as base material;
Covered with zinc-plated steel from top to bottom and sides;
Connected with pothook, went through with stamping, then riveting to sealed circle.
Major specification: 600*600*28/30mm

Streaming River Access Floor Group Co., Ltd.

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Tel: 027-87267008
Contact:Wollice Chan

    *Patent products, unique structure, most popular types;

    *Fully enclosed structure, strong sealability;

    *Extraordinary loading ability and impact resistance;

    *Flat surface, accuracy size cutting, free change for same sizes;

    *Antiflaming, heat-resistance, sound-proof, corrosion-proof;

    *Orderliness and artistic, comfortable on walk.


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