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Glass Panel
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Keywords: anti-static floor, raised floor, raised floor, network floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-based floor, computer room engineering, data center engineering, dust-free workshop engineering, monitoring center engineering, office building floor engineering, small river rushing, smart floor, Ventilated floor, subway floor project
Combined assembling with steel frame and 2cm thick armored glass;
Thick of glass could be adjustable, be fully transparent or be fully atomized;
Installation is mostly same as other raised flooring;
Applied to control room of computer operation, satellite station, surveilliance center, data center, microelectronic workshop, optical equipment factory, dust-free factory etc.
Major specification: 600*600*30/32/35/40mm

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    *High intensity and loading ability;

    *Fireproof, dustproof, anti-static;

    *Match with most sizes of anti-static floorings;

    *Solve the problem of instruments and apparatus abservation, make the maintainence 

    and data reading or recording easily;

    *Multiple designing choices of the surface;

    *Punching holes to increase the ventilation rate.

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