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PVC Panel
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Keywords: anti-static floor, raised floor, raised floor, network floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-based floor, computer room engineering, data center engineering, dust-free workshop engineering, monitoring center engineering, office building floor engineering, small river rushing, smart floor, Ventilated floor, subway floor project
Full steel panel with vinyl covering adhesive, possess an anti-static function according to the conductive network from plastic particles interface.
Provide a fine decoration effect by choosing different pictures or designs of the covering.
Apply to the control room of telecom, electronics and power grid, microelectronic, medical, dust-free factory, laboratory and education industries.
Major specification: 600*600*28/30/32/35/40/50/55mm

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    *Full steel structure, high loading ability, strong impact resistance;

    *Perfect fireproofing and stabilization, sound proof;

    *Flat surface, good wearproof, fouling and corrosion resistance;

    *Accurate manufacturing, convenient assembling, easy interchangeability;

    *Free choice of installation height.



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