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Porcelain Panel
Product Brand:StreamingRiver
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Keywords: anti-static floor, raised floor, raised floor, network floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-based floor, computer room engineering, data center engineering, dust-free workshop engineering, monitoring center engineering, office building floor engineering, small river rushing, smart floor, Ventilated floor, subway floor project
Smooth surface, elegant appearance, artistic designing performance;
Solid and steady, durable, longevity usage;
Easy installation and maintanence;
Apply to the control room of power grid center, microwave communication station,
satellite station, data center, broadcasting and TV center, mobile communication center, optical equipment factory, hospital surgery room etc.
Major specification: 600*600*40/45mm

Streaming River Access Floor Group Co., Ltd.

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Tel: 027-87267008
Contact:Wollice Chan

    *Not affected by the environment, possess a longevity and steady anti-static performance;

    *Extraordinary heat-resistance ability, afford temperature up to 1200 centigrade 

    without conductive changing;

    *Wearproof, corrosion-proof, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, anti-osmosis;

    *Porcelain material, never getting burn-in;

    *Non-toxic, non-smell, non-radiation, eco-friendly;

    *Free choice to artistic designing;

    *Dust-free to match all the requirements of clean room;

    *Convenient construction to most ancient or novel buildings;

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