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Keywords: anti-static floor, raised floor, raised floor, network floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-based floor, computer room engineering, data center engineering, dust-free workshop engineering, monitoring center engineering, office building floor engineering, small river rushing, smart floor, Ventilated floor, subway floor project
Zinc-plated pedestal, moisture-proof, rust-proof, corrosion-proof;
By material, there are steel pedestals and aluminum pedestals;
By intensity, there are standard pedestals, reinforced pedestals, super-forced pedestals;
By usage, there are upright pedestals and slope pedestals;
By shape, there are round pedestals and square pedestals;
Height will be any size by requirements but no shorter than 20cm.

Streaming River Access Floor Group Co., Ltd.

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Tel: 027-87267008
Contact:Wollice Chan


    Standard: φ22mm (round or square);

    Reinforced: φ25/28/32mm;

    Super-inforced: φ38/45/73mm;

    Short stringer(600mm/24''): 573*21*30/32mm;

    Long stringer(1200mm/4'): 1173*21*30/32mm;

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