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What Components are there in a Raised Access Flooring System and there definition ?


· Raised Floor Panel

· Normally in Europe these are 600 mm x 600 mm modular raised floor systems although in the USA they have adopted a 2ft x 2ft raised floor system module. Panels come most commonly with a Bare finish for overlaying with carpet tiles in an office environment. In Computer rooms and Data Centers or any application that requires swift access to the void the panels will come pre-finished with an anti-static finish. .

· Raised Floor Pedestal

· This is the support that is required that is normally at the corner of where four panels meet. It is normally of corrosion resistant material, normally metal. It will be adjustable to accommodate deviations in the sub-floor which is normally achieved by having threaded components. The raised floor pedestal will also normally have a locking nut or locking ring to prevent movement in the head.

· Raised Floor Gasket

This normally refers to a cap that sits on top of the pedestal that provides a non-metallic cushion for the panel and its interface with the pedestal.

Raised Floor Stringer

This is a horizontal bar that will attach to the pedestal head either by simple hook type arrangement or be permanently fixed by way of a locking screw or similar. Its purpose is to offer stability to the raised floor system when installing high raised floors normally defined as those over 450mm.

Raised Floor Grommets

These are typically round or rectangular and allow the passage of services from the void to the topside of the floor . Within Data Centre raised flooring installations there are specific products that have brush seals to prevent the air leakage through apertures..

Raised Floor Airgrills

These are air handling devices that will allow air that is being pumped into the raised floor void to escape into the workspace in a controlled manner. The most common use of these is in computer rooms and data centre raised flooring installations where they will have a hot aisle / cold aisle regime which controls the temperature to the server racks .

Raised Floor Electrical Outlets

In many offices there is a requirement to access power and data and telephone services at a workstation or desk. This is commonly achieved by the hardwiring of a modular Floorbox which will contain electrical and data outlets which the user can access. These will come in many configurations depending on user requirements.

Raised Floor Pedestal Adhesive

Normally raised flooring pedestals are bonded to a substrate with a strong adhesive. This will typically in the UK be a Polyurethane adhesive which has low volatile organic compounds but provides a very strong bond. We are always happy to discuss your raised flooring requirements .

Raised Flooring Panel Lifter

A variety of lifting tools is available to lift raised flooring panels the most common of these are suction type tools.

Raised Flooring Perimeter Expansion Gap

It is best practice to finish any cut panels close to the perimeter of any area of space. In practice the panels is cut short and a compressible gasket 25mm x 10mm is fixed to the cut edge directly abutting the wall. This gasket is commonly made from Polyethylene or Neoprene and will be fire retardant.