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Areas Not Suitable for Raised Floor Systems


Slab on Grade Locations

Raised floor system is not suitable to be placed directly on the slab on grade. This is because protection against heat, contaminant, and moisture that transferred with soil, soil gas, and ground water cannot be achieved for long period.

Toilets, Showers, Baths, Dishwashing and Other Wet Area

Plumbing fixtures are commonly installed in these areas which may leak and lead to the corrosion and deterioration panels.

Kitchen and Food Preparation Areas

High humidity and possible spillage food and liquids and seepage make these areas inappropriate for such types of floor system.


The likelihood of chemical and biological spills in addition to moisture and presence of plumbing make laboratory unsuitable for raised floor system.

Fire Stairs

Stair landings need interface with any adjacent raised floors as a flush condition with the edge of the access floor well supported.

Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Examples of such rooms involve air handling equipment, chiller, and boiler. it can be noticed from their names that these room have conditions in which panels of raised floor system will deteriorate and damage. Other areas include Central storage rooms and loading areas, trash rooms, UPS, emergency generator, and similar rooms, and Child care.