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Advantages of Raised Floor System


· This type of floor system tackles the problem of shear transfer across the diaphragm

· Raised floor system are waterproofed

· It leads to reduction in the cost of construction in high seismic regions

· Raised floor system could serve as a high thermal mass base material for radiant heat systems which are distributed by hot air or hot water. So, Heating and cooling a building with a raised flooring system is more efficient

· The concrete surface can be finished as a final floor finish as desired by sealing, polishing, stamping, or staining. Consequently, the extra cost of covering used for covering floors will no longer be needed

· Acoustic isolation is another advantages offered by raised floor system.

· In high wind threat areas, elevated floor system will improve the lateral resistance and durability of multistory building especially when it combined with concrete roof system

· Fire is suppressed from floor to floor