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Structural Conditions Requirements of Raised Floor System


There are several structural conditions that raised floor system need to be met the following minimum conditions otherwise it will not be utilized unless it is specified in building specifications.

· It should be able to support 11.86KN/m2

· It is required to carry point load of 4KN

· Raised floor system need to withstand a minimum impact load of 2.25KN

· It should resist rolling load (1 wheel) of 2KN at 1000 passes and

Seismic Conditions Requirements of Raised Floor System The specified raised floor system need to comply the following conditions (as minimum):

· For seismic zone 3 and higher seismic zones, it is required to use bolts for fixing pedestals. Commonly, manufacture specifies the suitability of pedestal for seismic zones.

· It is required to use bracing for pedestals provided that their length is greater than 30.48cm and used in seismic zone 3 and greater.

Acoustic and Vibration Considerations During Design and Construction of Raised Floor System Impact sounds on floor panels generated by walking or rolling load may necessitate damping of panels with cushions on pedestals. Hollow panels do not show proper performance in this regard whereas panels with light concrete, cementitious materials, or wood will perform satisfactorily. Transmission of sounds under the floor from one space to another might occur. In this case, the provision of sound transmission attenuation will be required of partition system. Vibration transmission is not dealt with neither by manufacturer nor design criteria to attenuate vibration such as from machinery, transformers or other sources. So, specialist should be called to tackle such problem.