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5 Advantages of Raised Access Floor System


If your business uses a lot of technology, then perhaps a raised access flooring system is the perfect choice to invest in. The concept of a raised floor has been around since the 1970s, and in recent years, more and more tech-heavy companies are making the switch.

A raised access floor is made up of panels that are supported by pedestals, creating an area of space below the floor to store servers, wires and more. Here are five reasons this system could be right for you:

1. It Keeps Wires Out of Sight

Nothing is a bigger eyesore than an office space filled with wires and cords running every which way. A raised access flooring system has plenty of space below the tiles to house all those unsightly bits of technology.

Keep them orderly under the floor and your space will look clean and organized at all times. The aesthetic appearance of any office space with a large tech volume will be instantly upped when the wires disappear.

2. It's Simple to Change and Fix

If a tile breaks or is damaged, it's much easier to fix or swap out altogether than if you were dealing with a regular floor.

With a normal floor, if something goes wrong or a piece is damaged, it's very likely the whole thing will have to be fixed or an area will have to be ripped up and replaced, costing money and causing a disruption. With this system, a tile can be replaced easily without having to overhaul an entire space or cause a major inconvenience.

3. It Provides Easy Access for Maintenance

When you're dealing with an in-depth and intricate group of servers, you'll have to be able to access them quickly when needed. These will exist below the floor and need to remain clear and organized to anyone performing maintenance.

This system allows for pain-free, easy access to any technology within them. Areas of the server will be labeled and orderly so that people can locate them simply and fix any problem that should arise.

4. It Keeps Your Equipment Cooled

With this system, the space can be air conditioned from the floor. This design allows for the air to move in a more efficient way, cooling the space faster and cutting down on long-term energy costs.

Cool air can be directed to flow above the tiles as well as below, preventing the servers or any other electronics stored below the floor system from overheating.

5. The Design Possibilities Are Endless

Perhaps one of the best parts about this flooring system is the fact that it comes in a variety of finishes so you'll always be able to achieve the look you're going for.

From granite or porcelain to PVC or wood, there's always an option available to suit everyone's needs and aesthetic preference. You don't have to sacrifice style or appearance in exchange for this convenient floor.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the benefits or a raised access flooring system, take the time to assess if this is the right investment for your company. If it is, take the leap and make a change. It will save you time, energy and money down the road.